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Here's a basic scenario of migrating a blog contained in a BlogML file to a new SquareSpace blog. Please note that in this scenario, any comments you have are NOT migrated to the new site, due to the limitations of the XML-RPC functionality. You would need to to a WXR dump in order to migrate comments.

First step is to configure your data source. In your case, you're going to use your BlogML dump, so specify the BlogML file option in the combo box and browser for your file on the bottom line. Since you're interested in doing a "live" rewrite of the old site, you'll need to specify your XML-RPC details. In the Server URL box, enter the path to your XML-RPC service and in the root URL enter the root URL of your blog (since your BlogML dump specifies the other half of things. Enter your BlogId and the user/password details to log in. If you have any questions about setting up your blog service details, click the "?" button. It will have details about the various blog services. There is no need to test the connection, since it will simply check for a file in this case, but make sure to click the save button and then close it.

Next step is to configure your destination. You're going to select "SquareSpace" from the combo box. No need to specify a service URL (done automatically). Click the little "?" button next to the combobox for details on how to obtain your Blog Id and credentials for SquareSpace (they're a little tricky). After all this is specified, click the "Test Connection" button to make sure everything is in place. Should you desire, you can also click the "Insert Sample Post" to make sure everything is lining up with the service. Once you have things in place, click "Save" then "Close".

Now its time to get busy. Click the "Get All Posts from Source" link. The nice thing is that it loads up the BlogML file really fast and gives you all of your posts. I'll wager that you probably only want to migrate one or two posts first, so simply select the first two items (use Shift or CTRL for multi-select). If you're feeling adventurous, just click the "Select All" button.

If you want to rewrite your original blog posts now, check the box below the post list and update the message a bit, if you desire. Just make sure that the URL snippet stays there. If you don't, don't fret. A log file is generated to allow you to do this later.

Finally, click the "Migrate Selected Posts" button and away you go! If you selected all the posts, and depending on the number of posts you have it may run for a while.

Once it's done, go check out the post(s) on your new site. Hazzah! If you didn't do the rewrite right away, go look in executable folder and you'll see a CSV file with the date/time stamp of the import. All your source/destination Id/Url details are here, waiting to do your bidding. Go to the tools and select the Rewrite original posts option. You'll enter your source credentials for again and make sure to test things. Select the log file as well. Once tested, click the "Load Log" button to load all the log options. Just like before, you have the option of rewriting one or multiple posts. You also can change the message text again. Line everything up and then click the "Rewrite Selected Entries" button and wait.

Congratulations, you're on your new blog site!

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